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Just a brief note to thank you for the Egypt By Nile tour. Everything was great! From our welcome at Cairo Airport, the accommodation, our tour guide, particularly the Nile cruise which we thoroughly enjoyed and of course the tours of the Pyramids, Sphinx and Temples. We had a wonderful time and will have no hesitation recommending the tour to our friends,

Peter and Sue Niszczot.

Peter and Sue Niszczot

This is the first time I have felt the need to write to the relevant travel agent to say how much my wife and I enjoyed the Egypt trip. The hotel andNile River Boat accommodation and food greatly exceeded what we thought was possible for the price we paid for the trip, which was excellent value.

S. D. Prosser O.A.M.


Had a great time. Congratulations!

K. Wright

K. Wright

Dear Ron

I have just returned from my trip. Wonderful!! How do you do it for
the price? Our guide in Egypt, Mohammed, was just fantastic and just
made it all so interesting and the visits to the antiquities took us
right through the history of ancient Egypt so well. Our group really
meshed together well which added to the overall enjoyment.

Jordan too went well and I was surprised that I was the only one on the
tour. My driver/guide was great and we became good friends, spending so

much time together. I now feel so satisfied that I have seen what I
have wanted to see for so long.

Thank you.


Hi Ron,

Firstly, it was an absolute privilege to visit your country. We loved
every minute of it! We will return.

And thank you so much for making our stay even better by ensuring our
VIP treatment. We were totally indulged.

It was spectacular just to visit Giza and the Cairo Mueseum, but it just
kept getting better. Abu Simbel was unbelieveable, Aswan was magical and
serene, the temples at Karnak and Luxor at night were mindblowing! But
the cruise was the crowning point: sitting on the sun-deck watching a
vista on either side of the cruiser unravel which can only be described
as Biblical. It was Eden-like.

We loved Cairo. We were so glad we spent the extra days there so we
could get to know the city better. Everybody was so friendly and at no
stage did we feel unsafe. They all reacted even more positively when we
attempted speaking our rudiamentary Arabic, in particular: 'Waleh-hi?'
or 'Mia Mia'. We love the Egyptian sense of humour.

Finally, a special mention for Muhammed. He's brilliant! He ensured
the tour's success for everybody. He is emailing us details of a
possible 4 wheel drive tour which we will of course discuss with you.

Once again thank you for a trip of a life-time which we will be talking
about forever. We will call soon to thank you personally.

Best Regards,

Paul Sleeman
Jan Brennan

Paul Sleeman & Jan Brennan

Hello Ron

I arrived home in Perth last night after spending a couple of extra days in Sydney from my Egypt trip. I wanted to write to let you know that I had the best time I have ever had in my life! I have never been on a 'tour group' before and now I don't know whether to do one again...what if it's not as good?? The group was a fantastic group of people and have become friends whom I want to stay in touch with. The programme was awesome and Egypt is the most beautiful country in the world with the nicest people I have ever met. Every place we went to was a unique experience and the countrymen are welcoming, friendly, polite and hospitable.

The hotels were terrific and  had a Travellers Cheque problem on arrival which the staff at Sonesta Cairo couldn't have done more to assist me with. I have to say that the highlight of the accomodation though was the Moon Goddess. If you could use that boat for al of your tours you would have the happiest customers. The facilities and staff were just outstanding and I don't have a single complaint.

Last and most important was Mohamed. What an amazing man he is and how glad you must be to have him as your guide. He is a great advocate and ambassador for United & Egypt. I have never met someone so fluent in english and with such a vocabulary! His knowledge not just of Egypt's ancient history but also it's modern, and that of all aspects, culture, politics, religion, economy and interaction with other nations was mind blowing. He taught us all so much but was such a nice person to spend time with as well. He kept us organised, looked after us so well, especially when people got sick, was fun to be with and ensured that we all had the best experience of our lives. As we were going around I made a point of listening to the other leaders and not one was as fluent and informative as Mohamed. I think you have done very well to find and keep him. Every person in the group raved about him and his work. I personally don't know how he does it...I'm not sure that I'd want to be so totally responsible for a group of 30+ people non-stop for two weeks!

Just on Mohamed, I wonder Ron if you could or should add an extra suggestion in your brochure to suggest a tip and amount for his services. We pay the $100 up front for the other tipping and when we got to the end of the trip we collected a group tip for Mohamed but Australians are not familiar at all with tipping and I was very disappointed with the amount we gathered. I would have been happy to see something like the other brochures have which suggested an amount (I think most have about $2-$5 US per day per person for the guide) so that there was a framework in place. I really don't think the aussies would mind epecially for someone like Mohamed.

Ron, I have to say thank you. I enjoyed every minute of my trip. It was very affordable (even a bit cheap!, I reckon you could charge more!), absolutely enjoyable and with Mohamed a fun, relaxed learning tour. I will definitely be going back to Egypt and will be recommending to everyone that they do, and they go on the United trip. Your work and efforts are really appreciated. Hope you never lose Mohamed....Thanks again, most sincerely......Trish

Tricia Neill
"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally knackered, shouting S *%@ what a ride!".

Tricia Neill
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